Anna Connor

Anna Connor

Childhood Education

Providing mentorship to both learners and trainers in the ECEC and Aged Care sectors


Anna Connor

Anna brings a dynamic and dedicated approach to her roles in the Early Childhood Education and Training and Assessing sectors. With a career that spans over ten years, she has developed a deep-rooted commitment and enthusiasm for these fields.

Her journey has been marked by exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, which have been pivotal in leading and mentoring teams effectively in these sectors.

As a Lead Educator, Anna was instrumental in mentoring fellow educators, enhancing their skills, and improving the quality of child care through curriculum planning and stakeholder engagement.

Her career took a notable turn in 2013 when she transitioned to the Education & Training sector. Here, she refined her leadership and mentoring abilities, providing vital support to learners in their educational and professional journeys. In her role as Trainer Support Coordinator, Anna was responsible for recruiting and training new trainers, developing an induction program, and actively participating in the evaluation and improvement of company processes. She excelled as the lead instructor for the online Learning Management System and was later promoted to Team Lead, where she managed a team of trainers, focused on performance management, and utilised data analytics to enhance the learning experience.

Currently, as the Program Manager and Work Placement Coordinator at Hader Institute of Education, Anna continues to play a key role. She provides mentorship to both learners and trainers in the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) and Aged Care sectors. Her focus remains on ensuring that training and online delivery are customised to meet the unique needs of learners, thereby assuring high-quality training and support.

Educational Background:

  • Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management- Selmar Institute of Education
  • Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care- Selmar Institute of Education
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment- Selmar Institute of Education

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