The community services industry is one of the fastest and largest growing industries. Now is the time to join.

Careers in the Community Service

If you are interested in improving the lives and circumstances of others, then consider a career in community services. Community workers in this industry provide services, activities, support, information, and referral for those needing assistance. Workers will experience a challenging yet rewarding career, and are passionate about making a difference and helping others. Many workers find their past experiences with drug and alcohol or mental health issues as the key instigator to starting a career in the community services. Jobs can include drug and alcohol workers, community support workers, mental health support workers and counsellors.

When completing courses through the Hader Institute you will gain lifelong and industry skills to equip you for a career in the community services. Whether you go into public or private space you will gain the knowledge and skills to gain a fulfilling career where you can make a difference. From the work placement provided in our fully functional drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, you won’t gain better firsthand experience for this industry.

The Hader Institute of Education offer the following courses:

CHC53215 Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs

A chosen career from this qualification could be a drug and alcohol support worker where you provide support services to those who have a drug and alcohol addiction. You may provide assessment, intervention, and counselling.

CHC53315 Diploma of Mental Health

A chosen career from this qualification could be a mental health support worker where you provide support and services to those experiencing mental health issues. You may provide individual, family or group counselling and providing support for families dealing with these issues, or referring individuals to treatment.

CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services

A chosen career from this qualification could be a community services case manager in which you work with families and individuals to help improve their quality of life, and provide connections for them with resources and services for their situations.

CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling

By undertaking this Diploma, you can enjoy a career as a counsellor. Counsellors provide support and assistance to people who are experiencing emotional and social difficulties. You will help these people to identify and work through the issues they are currently experiencing through techniques and developing strategies.

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