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We believe in a future where everyone feels included, connected, valued and belongs. We’re in business to empower people to help each other on their paths to discovery and transformation.

Connected online learning in Mental Health, Youth Work, Community Services and Alcohol & Other Drugs.

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Work Placement

Hader Institute of Education has an exciting partnership with SkilTrack, aimed at revolutionising the transition from academic knowledge to professional success. Recognising the importance of practical experience alongside theoretical learning, this collaboration is designed to empower learners to thrive in real-world scenarios.

SkilTrack offers personalised work placements across various fields, including Disability and Ageing Support, Early Childhood Education and Care, Individual Support, Mental Health, Allied Health Assistance, School-Based Education Support, Community Services and Youth Work, tailored to individual career aspirations.

What sets SkilTrack apart is its comprehensive approach to professional development, offering mentorship, feedback sessions, and networking opportunities to ensure learners are equipped with lifelong skills and connections beyond job titles.

Read more about our partnership.

Hader Institute of Education

At Hader Institute of Education, we recognise that education is the pathway to opportunity. We are the leading online education and training provider to individuals wanting to pursue a career in Mental Health, Alcohol and otherDrugs and Counselling. This is a responsibility we take seriously

Mental and substance use disorder doesn’t just affect the individual, but also the wider community. As people who care deeply about our fellow humans, we show up in this education sector wholeheartedly, with a desire to create positive and lasting change.

Ours is a relatively new business. We knew that starting a new organisation at this time - in the early 2020s - came with a responsibility to look beyond“business-as-usual”. That’s why we are using our business to create the kind of positive change that society truly needs.

This goes directly to who we are at Hader and why we exist - we believe in a future where everyone feels included, connected, valued and belongs. This belief inspires our mission…through learning, community and support, we’re here to empower people to help each other on their paths to discovery and transformation.

By focusing our efforts on supporting good mental health and wellbeing – through our people, learners, our industry, and the wider community – we help each other on our paths to self-discovery; together building a connected and inclusive future where we all belong.

Right now, we live in times of crisis, uncertainty and for many, self-doubt. But these times are also filled with great opportunity; to rise to the challenges we face and to demonstrate what human endeavour can achieve, especially when we work together.

This is the kind of stuff that dreams are made of. When we help people take control of their lives, we open the door to self-belief. The magic happens here. It’s where the impossible becomes possible and where people connect to the power of their dreams.

If ever there was a need for people to dream of a better, more connected and inclusive future, now is that time. If this connects with you then come and join our community of fellow dreamers.

Together, let’s make a difference, today.

What we offer to our online learners

Hader Institute of Education mission is to deliver high quality, affordable, accessible online training and assessment that meets the needs of learners and industry.

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Mental Health Courses Online

Learn how to offer support to people from varied backgrounds and how to assist those who may have mental health, alcohol and drug issues.

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Alcohol & Other Drug Courses Online

Addiction work is the process of helping people with addiction disorders overcome their dependencies. It can be an extremely rewarding career, but it can also be challenging and demanding.

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Youth Work Courses Online

The term ‘youth work’ is used to describe a wide range of services and activities that aim to support young people aged between 12 and 25 years old, to reach their full potential.

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Community Services Courses Online

Community Services is a field of study that focuses on helping people within a community. It can encompass a wide range of services, from working with families and children to providing support for the elderly or disabled.

Our online trainers & assessors

Our online trainer & assessors are qualified, dedicated professionals who have current industry experience and qualifications in a range of industries. Their industry experience is continually up to date by participating in professional development activities, therefore giving our learners the best practical industry experience.

Our Support Centre

All our online training and assessment is delivered online via our Learning Management System and via Zoom.
Hader Institute of Education support centre is located at:

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Australia Wide

info@haderinstitute.edu.au (03) 8362 3113
Level 2 80 Dorcas Street, Southbank Victoria 3006

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