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Complaints and Appeals policy

This policy and procedure is to provide clear and practical guidelines to ensure that complaints and appeals lodged with the Hader Institute of Education can be resolved, equitably and efficiently, in accordance with the principles of natural justice. The Complaints Policy is there to manage and respond to allegations involving the conduct of the Hader Institute of Education, its trainers, assessors or other staff, a third party providing services on the Hader Institute of Education’s behalf, its trainers, assessors or other staff or student of the Hader Institute of Education.

Develop a culture that views grievances as an opportunity to improve the organisation and how it works.



Complaints and Appeals include, but are not restricted to, matters of concern to a student relating to training delivery and assessment including the quality of the training, student support, learning materials, discrimination; and sexual harassment.

  • Natural Justice is concerned with ensuring procedural fairness: 
    • Decisions and processes should be free from bias;
    • All parties have the right to be heard;
    • The respondent has a right to know of what s/he is accused;
    • All parties are told the decision and the reasons for the decision.



     The Hader Institute of Education acknowledges that a student, who has a complaint or appeal, has the right to raise the complaint or appeal and expect that every effort will be made to resolve it in accordance with this policy, without prejudice or fear of reprisal or victimisation. The student has the right to present the complaint or appeal formally as well as in writing.

    The Hader Institute of Education will manage all complaints and appeals fairly, equitably and efficiently as possible.

    The Hader Institute of Education will encourage the parties to approach the complaint or appeal with an open mind and to resolve problems through discussion and conciliation. Where a complaint or appeal cannot be resolved through discussion and conciliation, the Hader Institute of Education acknowledges the need for an appropriate external and independent person to mediate between the parties. The parties will be given the opportunity to formally present their case to the independent person.

    Confidentiality will be maintained throughout the process of making and resolving complaints. The Hader Institute of Education seeks to protect the rights and privacy of all involved and to facilitate the return to a comfortable and productive learning environment.

    A copy of this Policy is available to all students and staff via the Hader Institute of Education and is available in the Student Handbook. The information will also contain details of external authorities that they may approach.

    Where complaints or appeals have been received, Hader Institute of Education s must keep evidence of how the matter was dealt with and the outcome (including the timeframes). The Hader Institute of Education will use this information received via any complaint to review the Hader Institute of Education’s processes and practices to ensure the issue doesn’t happen again.

CO-FRM-012 – Complaint Form


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