Learner Enrolment Policy

At Hader Institute of Education our approach to enrolment and induction is to provide a pathway for learners to make informed decisions about their training and assessment and enter a training pathway that is the right for the learner and their current or future employer.

Identifying Learner Needs

We strive to identify a learner’s needs during the enrolment process to ensure that our services to each individual learner are appropriately adjusted to allow for their unique requirements.

To achieve this, we will:

  • Provide persons making an enquiry with accurate and ethical marketing and pre-enrolment information that enables them to make confident and suitable decisions about selected training programs;
  • Conduct a one-on-one enrolment interview virtually online or via phone to individually assess the persons needs and circumstances and provide them information about their rights and obligations;
  • Provide information about special requirements for their desired training program and pathways to obtain these;
  • Provide information about the occupational outcomes produced by their selected program and discuss how these align with their occupational goals and aspirations;
  • Validate that applicants meet the entry requirements for their selected program to ensure that they have the greatest opportunity for success and completing the course;
  • Determine if the applicant has the required access to information technology including modern computer systems and access to the internet if applicable;
  • Determine that the applicant has any need for reasonable adjustment at the point of enrolment to allow training programs to be suitably adjusted;
  • Ensure there are no unnecessary barriers for persons to participate in the training program of their choice;
  • Provide comprehensive administrative support that allows the applicant to complete enrolment efficiently and commence training at an agreed time and place; and
  • Inform applicants about alternate pathways to training such as credit transfer or current competency or recognition of prior learning.

Provision of Pre-Enrolment Information

The Standards for Registered Training Organisations under Standard 5 identify that each learner is properly informed and protected either prior to enrolment or the commencement of training and assessment. At Hader Institute of Education we achieve this by providing prospective learners with the following three pre-enrolment information sources:

Learner Handbook. The learner handbook is the primary information vehicle to inform learners about their rights and obligations prior to their enrolment. Ideally, the learner handbook is supplied electronically as a PDF document. It is important that this document is professionally presented as it reflects the quality of the organisation.The learner handbook is effectively the policy manual for all the learner’s participation in training and engagement with Hader Institute of Education. It should constitute a valuable information source for the learner who can reference the handbook when the learner has questions about their course participation.The learner handbook should contain information on the following topics for the learner:

  • Introduction to Hader Institute of Education;
  • Our expectation of you;
  • Training safety arrangements;
  • Equity and diversity support arrangements;
  • Privacy arrangements;
  • Refund policy;
  • Learner access to records;
  • Continuous improvement arrangements;
  • Online learning and assessment arrangements;
  • Assessment arrangements;
  • Re-assessment policy;
  • Work placement arrangements;
  • Language, literacy & numeracy skills;
  • Education support services;
  • Making complaints & appeals; and
  • Recognition of existing skills & knowledge.

Course Brochure. The course brochure is the primary means of informing prospective learners about the services to be provided in relation to a specific course leading to a qualification or units of competency. Course information can be displayed on the website and is available in a downloadable PDF for the learner to print and review. A course brochure will also be sent to the learner via email as pre-enrolment information.
The course brochure should contain the following minimum information:

  • the nationally endorsed outcome by code and title;
  • the expected duration of the course;
  • the entry requirements or prerequisites;
  • the mode of delivery of training and assessment;
  • the units of competency that comprise the course;
  • online learning and assessment arrangements;
  • the assessment requirements to successfully complete the course;
  • learner resource requirements;
  • Work placement arrangements;
  • the expected locations for delivery;
  • the expected occupational outcomes;
  • contact details for Hader Institute of Education; and
  • identify the RTO by its national code and legal name.

Schedule of Fees and Charges. The schedule of fees and charges provides a central place where the nominated fees and charges to participate in services with Hader Institute of Education are listed.Schedule of fees and charges should contain the following information:

  • the total amount of all fees including course fees, administration fees, material fees and any other charges for enrolling in a training program;
  • payment terms, including the timing and amount of fees to be paid and any non-refundable deposit/administration fee;
  • the nature of the guarantee given by Hader Institute of Education to honour its commitment to deliver services and complete the training and/or assessment once the learner has commenced study;
  • any discounts, fee reductions or exemptions available for multiple enrolments, , continuing learners, group bookings etc;
  • information on the implications for the learner of government training entitlements and subsidy arrangements in relation to the delivery of the services (not currently applicable);
  • the fees and charges for additional services, including such items as issuance of a replacement qualification parchment or statement of results and the options available to learners who are deemed not yet competent on completion of training and assessment; and
  • Hader Institute of Education refund policy.

Identifying Training Needs
The primary purpose of the initial contact process is to establish the needs of the learner and ensure the learner receives all pre-enrolment information applicable to the program they are interested in. Establishing the learner needs is important to ensure that those learner enrolling in programs are aligned to training and assessment that meets their vocational requirements in the industry of their choice. By providing learners with pre-enrolment information early, we are also enquiring that prospective learners are informed about their rights and obligations, about the training and assessment services to be provided and about the fee payment and refund arrangements.
There will be times when Hader Institute of Education staff are contracted by potential learner (quite often these contacts will be employers) for information pertaining to available training. Hader Institute of Education staff should establish a positive learner relationship from the start. How questions and answers are provided to the learner, may make a big difference between securing an ongoing relationship or losing them to a competitor. Staff responding to inquiries is to do so courteously and professionally.
The following are guidelines that are to be applied when engaging with an enquiring person:

  • Try to establish over the phone which training program would be most appropriate. If the person really needs a training program that is not on Hader Institute of Education scope of registration, advise the person that they are not able to provide the training and tell them how they can find a course that better suits their needs. One way of doing this is to direct them to http://training.gov.au or refer the person to an Apprentice Network Provider.
  • If the person’s needs do align with one of Hader Institute of Education training programs, inform the person of the Hader Institute of Education delivery model and the choices they have in the scheduling of training to suit their circumstances.
  • Obtain an email address from the person and send them via email a copy of the learner handbook, a copy of the fee schedule, a copy of the course brochure applicable to the program they have enquired about, a copy of the USI Fact Sheet and a copy of the enrolment application form.
  • Please note. It is important to stress to a person making an enquiry that they are advised to carefully read the material that is being sent to them, as this informs them about the services to be provided and their rights as a consumer under Australian Consumer Law (Click here).
  • If the person requests to proceed with enrolment, provide them with instructions on completing the enrolment application form and sending it to Hader Institute of Education via email or fax.

Arrange a time for the learner to conduct an enrolment interview with a Hader Institute of Education representative over the phone. Find out more

For more information on the above, contact our Hader Institute of Education careers advisor on (03) 8362 3113.

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