The Power of a Mental Health Worker: Why More Students Are Pursuing This Career Choice

The Power of a Mental Health Worker: Why More Students Are Pursuing This Career Choice


There’s little doubt that the world is a better place because of social workers, which is why this career choice has grown so much in popularity in recent years. The fact is, everyone needs help from time to time, and the right social worker can help people get back on their feet faster than they would’ve otherwise. If you’re considering pursuing a career in social work, just know that your degree will never go to waste. In fact, below are four reasons why social work is a great way to make a living.

1. You’ll Always Have a Job

The truth is, you can live anywhere and get a job as a social worker. In fact, mental health workers in both small towns and large cities will always find plenty of clients. You can work at a hospital, a behavioural clinic, a veterans’ clinic, or set up a private practice somewhere. You can also specialise in many different areas. The mental health field has grown continuously for decades, and most experts predict it will continue doing so, which means you can move anywhere and still find employment.

2. You Can Take Courses Numerous Ways

While you have to have at least one degree to work in the mental health field, you now have a variety of ways to take courses. Your next mental health worker course could be in a classroom or in the comfort of your living room, depending on which route you choose. These days, you can even get advanced degrees online, so you can take your courses on your own time, whenever you’re ready. This means that it’s easier now than it used to be to become any type of mental health worker.

3. There is a Lot of Versatility in the Job

There is literally no end to the jobs you can do as a mental health worker, and not all of this work involves being a therapist. You can also be a diversity trainer, special needs teacher, juvenile court liaison, community health advocate, or policy analyst, to name a few. You can work in the private sector or with a governmental agency. You’ll even be able to find the right job if you decide to move out of the country, so the possibilities are truly endless because of the many different career paths you can choose to take.

4. You Make a Huge Difference in the World

Mental health workers always make a difference in the world. This, in turn, leads to systemic changes that improve the world greatly. They work closely with all types of individuals, which keeps their finger on the pulse of certain social justice issues such as poverty, inequality, child abuse, and disability. Most people don’t have insight into issues such as these, and mental health workers play a huge role in understanding how society in general works and how it treats its most vulnerable people. Not too many people can say their jobs are that important, but a mental health or social worker can.

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