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Refund Policy

The following information will be provided to students about the Hader Institute of Education’s Fees and Refund Policy. Fees are payable on all courses, details of which are contained in relevant course information pages on the website or directly from the Hader Institute of Education.



All fees are to be paid at the specified time, as per the course information and can only be paid by credit card or EFT. Tax Invoices will be issued as required and as an approved program, there is NO GST included in the course cost.

All students are liable for the financial commitment to the Hader Institute of Education.



Hader Institute of Education:

  • has appropriate safeguards and fair options in place for any monies paid in advance;
  • guarantees once you have commenced your training / assessment, you will be provided with every opportunity to complete the course.
  • will, in the event that a course is cancelled, whilst in progress, due to circumstances beyond its control, provide the student with a refund of fees on hold or offer to transfer the student to another course.
  • will refund a pro rata proportion of any money paid by you and not yet used for the delivery and assessment of the course, in the event we cancel or discontinue a course.

Students who have any queries regarding eligibility for refunds should contact the CEO in the first instance.


Withdrawal and Refunds

If you withdraw from a course at least 14 calendar days prior to the commencement date, you will receive a full refund less any enrolment fees.

Should you withdraw within 14 calendar days of course commencement you will be liable for any enrolment fees and 50% of the course cost.

Should you withdraw from the course once commenced, you will forfeit all monies paid and be liable for the full course cost.



Fees in Advance

In the case where a student wishes to pay more than the application fee with their enrolment application, the amount will not exceed $1,500.00 prior to the course commencement.

Following course commencement, the Hader Institute of Education may require payment of additional fees in advance from the student but only such that at any given time, the total amount required to be paid which is attributable to tuition or other services yet to be delivered to the student does not exceed $1,500.

The Hader Institute of Education has appropriate safeguards and fair options in place for any monies paid in advance and that these funds are not used until courses and or units have commenced.


Procedure – Refunds

To apply for a refund, a written claim must be submitted on the Refund Request Form to the CEO of the Hader Institute of Education. An application for a refund will be processed within 4 weeks after a claim has been received. Refunds are assessed on a case by case basis. Refunds will only be refunded to the person who entered into the contract with the Hader Institute of Education and will not be provided to a third party. All refunds are paid electronically; no refunds will be in cash. Agreeing to the Refund policy does not remove the right of the student to take further action under Australia’s consumer protection laws or to pursue other legal remedies.

Please refer to the Complaints and Appeals Policy.



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