Learner Handbook

The Hader Institute of Education learner handbook is available to download here.

The learner handbook is the primary information vehicle to inform learners about their rights and obligations prior to their enrolment. The learner handbook is supplied via a link to a published version on our website as a PDF document. The learner handbook is effectively the policy manual for all the learner’s participation in training and engagement with Hader Institute of Education. It constitute's a valuable information source for the learner who can reference the handbook when the learner has questions about their course participation.The learner handbook contains information on the following topics for the learner:

  • Introduction to Hader Institute of Education;
  • Our expectation of you;
  • Training safety arrangements;
  • Equity and diversity support arrangements;
  • Privacy arrangements;
  • Refund policy;
  • Learner access to records;
  • Continuous improvement arrangements;
  • Online learning and assessment arrangements;
  • Assessment arrangements;
  • Re-assessment policy;
  • Work placement arrangements;
  • Language, literacy & numeracy skills;
  • Education support services;
  • Making complaints & appeals; and
  • Recognition of existing skills & knowledge.

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