Latest Student Survey Results

At Hader Institute of Education, we have a strong focus on supporting students through their learning journey. We periodically conduct anonymised surveys with our current and past students. Our latest survey results are below.

June 2022 Results

Learners enrolled with Hader Institute of Education would recommend our Courses to other people

Learners say Hader Institute of Education Respect their background and needs

Learners say Hader Institute of Education has a range of services to support their learners

Learners say Hader Institute of Education trainers explain things clearly

Learners say Hader Institute of Education say trainer use up to date equipment facilities and materials

Learners say Hader Institute of Education encourages learners to ask questions in class

Learners would recommend the training to others

* 20 people responded to a anonymised snap survey conducted to enrolled learners on 2/6/2022.

Testimonials from surveyed students

“This learning format is far better than other institutions that I have learnt with, as Hader has a more hands on approach. Not only do you have regular contact with your trainer, but also with other students. Also there is friendly Jack and Tanjie, who can help you with any issues in their field of expertise.”

“Absolutely, I would recommend the online course to anyone who wants to learn, and will recommend Hader Institute for its tutors and assistants. It is clear in what they teach, and makes it more wanting to learn. “

“It was very well explained, and made me excited to start, for I always wanted to be on the path of helping people with drug and alcohol problems.“

“The tutor is easy to understand plus there is also the benefit of interacting with other students who also can provide or generate other information or view points or ideas.“

“Yes, a great arrangement that works well for all lifestyles. Having 3 young children this program is perfect for me.“

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