Jesse Lucchesi

Jesse Lucchesi

Mental Health

Champion of Learner Engagement and Personalised Educational Pathways


Jesse Lucchesi

In the realm of education and learner support, Jesse has emerged as a fervent advocate for personalised educational pathways. Driven by an ever-growing passion, Jesse has devoted the majority of their career to nurturing a learning environment where individual potential is both recognised and nurtured. With each engaging conversation with their team and learners, Jesse's dedication to promoting mental well-being and enriching the educational journey blossoms further.

Selecting the ideal course can indeed be a daunting endeavour, a fact that Jesse acknowledges profoundly. As the Student Recruitment Manager at Hader Institute of Education, Jesse takes immense pride in guiding learners towards the study pathway that aligns perfectly with their ambitions and needs. This personal commitment ensures that every interaction is not just a consultation but a step towards making informed and fulfilling educational choices.

Jesse fervently believes in the transformative power of continuous improvement. Each day represents a fresh opportunity to make a positive impact, a philosophy that resonates profoundly in their approach towards assisting learners. Jesse stands as a beacon of support and guidance, always striving to amplify the positive impact on every learner they encounter.

Educational Background

  • RMIT University: Property (2015)
  • Xavier College: Completed Year 12 (2002 - 2014)

In his journey, Jesse has cultivated a nurturing space where learners can flourish, guided by expertise and heartfelt counsel. Jesse's optimism and zeal are infectious, fostering a nurturing environment where the true essence of education comes to life - empowerment, enlightenment, and personal growth.

We look forward to you meeting Jesse Lucchesi, a dynamic leader who is not only shaping the educational landscape at Hader Institute of Education but also leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of learners, one impactful conversation at a time.

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