Work Placements

We offer real-life work experience placements in the Hader Clinic’s rehabilitation facilities around the world.

Australia’s only institute with international rehab facilities

We are unique in that the Hader-Seasons Group are industry leaders in drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation programs. Being leaders in industry our students will gain first-hand experience in working with our clients who have various drug type addictions such as ICE, heroin, prescription medication and alcohol addictions.

Unlike other training providers that can only provide qualification training, Hader Institute of Education can offer work experience placement in our operational rehabilitation facilities within Australia and overseas.


Set in the tranquil bushland of the Hinterland Mountains an hour and 45 minutes north of Brisbane, The Hader Clinic’s Queensland rehabilitation and recovery sanctuary provides the ideal environment for those dealing with drug and alcohol addiction, giving them the space to heal and grow.


The Hader Clinic provides work placement in three separate locations in Victoria.


Located across the road from the Alfred, and very easily accessible via public transport.


Hospital rehabilitation centre for 28-Day Withdrawal & Detox Program.


Inpatient Rehabilitation Program and Transitional Housing program.

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