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We offer real-life work experience placements in partnership with Skiltrack.

Work placement

Welcome to an exciting new chapter in your educational journey at Hader Institute of Education! We are thrilled to announce a partnership with SkilTrak, a pioneering company dedicated to bridging the gap between academic learning and professional excellence. This collaboration is set to transform the way our learners transition from classroom knowledge to career achievements.

Learners at the Forefront

At Hader Institute of Education, our mission has always been to empower learners to reach their fullest potential. Recognising the ever-evolving demands of the modern job market, we understand that theoretical knowledge, while foundational, is not the sole ingredient for success. Practical experience plays a crucial role in shaping a competent, confident professional ready to navigate the challenges of their chosen field.

Introducing SkilTrak: A Pathway to Professional Experience

SkilTrak emerges as a revolutionary service, meticulously designed to offer our learners unparalleled work placement opportunities. This strategic partnership is our commitment to not just educate, but to enable our students to thrive in real-world scenarios, gaining the practical skills, insights, and confidence that are essential for professional growth and success.

Expansive Opportunities Across Diverse Fields

Our collaboration with SkilTrak opens the doors to an extensive array of work placements, meticulously selected to cater to the diverse interests, passions, and career aspirations of our learners. With placements available in fields such as Disability and Ageing Support, Early Childhood Education and Care, Individual Support, Mental Health, Allied Health Assistance, School-Based Education Support, Community Services and Youth Work, learners have the freedom to explore and excel in sectors that resonate with their personal and professional goals.

A Tailored Approach to Career Aspirations

Understanding that each learner’s career journey is unique, SkilTrack offers personalised placement opportunities. Whether our learners aspire to impact the world as educators, support workers, or health assistants, this partnership is designed to provide them with a supportive environment to explore various pathways, develop niche skills, and excel in their chosen professions.

The SkilTrak Advantage: Beyond Placement

What sets SkilTrak apart is not just the access to work placements but the holistic approach to professional development. This includes mentorship from industry experts, feedback sessions to refine skills, and networking opportunities to connect with professionals in their fields. This comprehensive support system ensures that our learners are not just prepared for their immediate roles but are also equipped with a lifelong network and skills that transcend job titles and sectors.

Embarking on a Journey of Professional Excellence

As we embark on this journey with SkilTrak, we invite our learners to seize this opportunity to transform their academic achievements into tangible professional success. This partnership signifies a leap forward in our commitment to not only educate but to empower, to inspire, and to facilitate the kind of practical learning that makes dreams a reality.

Together, Hader Institute of Education and SkilTrak are setting a new standard for educational excellence, ensuring our learners are not just ready for the job market, but poised to lead and innovate within it. Join us as we pave the way for a future where education and professional experience go hand in hand, creating a workforce that is as diverse as it is skilled, as confident as it is competent. Welcome to the next step in your professional development journey. Welcome to the SkilTrak experience.

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