7 Career Paths That You Can Pursue With Community Services Courses

7 Career Paths That You Can Pursue With Community Services Courses


Have you ever felt the desire to make a true difference? Do you ever wish to contribute to improving people's lives and assist your precious community?

If you have answered a solid yes to all these questions, then pursuing a career in community services sector may be the best option for you. But what about the prospects? What can the future offer? If these questions pop into your head and make you pause, then don't worry; Hader Institute is here to explain everything.

Today we will discuss the seven career pathways you can take if you take the community service courses.

Working in this industry can be profoundly rewarding, giving you a deep sense of purpose. Moreover, there will be a world of opportunities for you. So let's get into the details. The Australian broad sector provides jobs for those wishing to pursue community services.

What Is Community Service?

Before elaborating on the career paths you can take, it is important to understand what community services are all about.

Community services entail any or all services proffered by the government, not-for-profit organisations and private institutions to the public. This often refers to helping those who may be disadvantaged and need extra support.

Careers in community services vary and can offer you good and steady career progression chances. We are talking about a wide array of deeply rewarding work, from dealing with older people to children, individuals with a disability or those needing mental health assistance.

Australia's social assistance and healthcare industry are among the biggest and one growing at a speedy pace. Therefore, social workers are in extremely high demand.

Career Paths in Community Services

Now let's get to the good stuff. We bring you all the deets on the seven paths you can choose when taking community services courses.

The areas are vast and diverse, so there can be something that suits everyone's expertise and interpersonal skills.

A Counsellor

Being a counsellor is considered a very noble profession. You dedicate yourself to helping and guiding those who can benefit from your expertise. Does making a real difference and improving lives sound like something you want to pursue? Then you can get to the path of becoming a counsellor.

patient, psychologist, counseling

Counselling is among the most speedily growing fields in community service. It is extremely fulfilling and helps you develop various ways to equip others to improve their lives. Your advice can be extremely impactful and give them the direction they need to live the life they always wanted.

Counsellors work with various types of clients like groups, individuals, families, couples, etc. The goal remains the same: helping people cope with their trials and tribulations to lead an improved life.

Your goal becomes helping your clients see the different ways they can view situations and give them fresher perspectives and approaches for management.

Mental Health Support Workers

We live in trying times where every other person struggles with mental health issues. Becoming a Mental Health Support Worker is a popular career path in the community services industry. You can consider getting into the mental health world and making an impact on the lives of people.

Mental illnesses affect unannounced, and if you have experience helping a friend or family member, you can consider attaining skills via courses and volunteer work. Some experience can do you good in getting into the mental health domain.

Your main goal can entail recognizing and rehabilitating mental illnesses and psychiatric disabilities. You research more into the disabilities and then apply those methodologies while producing detailed reports about and giving critical reflections.

You can start off by offering assistance to a support worker and then gain experience to move further. If you have the empathy and the understanding to ease someone's mental turmoils, then pursuing this career path can be your best decision.

Mental health worker

Disability Support Workers

If you think helping those with disabilities is your calling, then Disability Support Worker is another popular field to pursue.

Not only is it an extremely important and noble role, but it can also be exceptionally rewarding and fulfilling. You are using your intellect and expertise to help the disabled gain the support they need to live a happy and complete life.

In this career, you proffer individualised care and support based on the client's specific needs. You work and communicate with a diverse range of people to facilitate more empowerment and activity in their lives.

You can support your client’s community and home organization while allowing them to ascertain control over their lives and exercise independence.

Mobility support, disability services

Around 20% of Australians suffer from disabilities. While there are many workers, the demand is always high for more people to come and help the disabled sector.

Aged Care Workers

Another common career path in community services in Australia is, Aged Care Workers find more need for their services every day.

Aged care can be a very gratifying career if you are truly caring and compassionate and wish to work with older people. As an Aged Care Worker, you will be helping older folks to live a more comfortable and independent life in the residential older care and retirement villages.

Social assistance industry, community services working

You will find out the individual needs of your clients and then research ways you can help them effectively so they can live peacefully. Bring more control and stability in their lives and guide their carers on the best ways to handle their needs.

Youth Workers

Many lean towards youth work when choosing a career path in community service. It is another extremely important career where you work with the younger generation and help shape their lives.

Youth community worker

Do you feel passionate about helping the younger public reach their full and true potential? If the idea of bringing them the right guidance and advice so success fills you with a sense of warmth and pride, then choose to become a Youth Worker.

You will need the right communication skills to listen to their needs and then find ways to create programs to assist the youth in living a better life. Your goal will be to improve their personal and social skills, helping them find the right employment and opportunities.

Supporting them with their development and confidence-building needs while having the right professional and empathic attitude towards their hardships. Empower them to become their best version that can stand strong in the face of adversity.

Child Protective Services

Children are the future, and their protection comes second to none. A career path to follow in community services can be getting into Child Protective Services. You will be responsible for the well-being of children and giving them a safe and family-focused environment.

However, if you worry about a child's safety, you have to take quick action and protect the well-being of the little ones.

Child protective services

Your services protect children and young individuals from any abuse or harm they may face from their families. This work entails helping stop family violence.

Child Protective Service workers investigate reports of potential harm to the child and then take quick legal action.

It can be an extremely challenging role that demands a lot; however, the idea of guarding precious children can prevail.

Drug Abuse and Alcohol Services Worker

Community services emphasise the Drug Abuse and Alcohol Services career path so professionals can help individuals with addiction problems. Help them get their lives back in order and exercise resistance and control.

Drug addiction, online courses

If this sounds like something you can do, you should consider this career path.

You will be changing many lives and allowing people to work on their addiction-related issues -understanding the underlying causes that trigger a person's withdrawal symptoms.

Your main goal would be providing individualized care to the clients, listening to their problems and guiding them to living a happy, addiction-free life.

You must develop methodologies so they don't fall prey to relapse and can have a smooth time staying sober and drug-free. This is extremely committed work, for you will be responsible for a person's decision-making.


There you have it! These are the popular career paths you can take in Community Service to make a difference in the world. We hope you find this article educational and can check out the Community Services diploma course we offer here at Hader Institute.


Why does helping the community matter?

It can enrich you and help you connect better with your community so you can offer ideas that will bring a positive impact.

How can the community services courses help me?

They give you a deep and detailed idea of what practical life can entail as a community service worker. They empower you with the knowledge to further your certification qualification and pursue your career.

Why is mental health a critical component of community services?

Mental health involves psychological, emotional, and social welfare. It deeply affects how individuals can feel, think or act. Community Services deem it critical to determine how a person can handle stressful situations and make sensible and healthy choices.

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