Five Things You Need to Know About Rehab Courses

Five Things You Need to Know About Rehab Courses


If you are considering making a career change to become a counsellor in alcohol and drug rehab, you should learn about the programs you can take to get started in this career. You can earn your certificate of diploma to get started making a difference in people’s lives. Take a look at five things you need to know about rehab courses.

  1. Who Should Take Rehab Courses?

Rehab courses and programs are designed for anyone who wants a rewarding career helping others who are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. When you take rehabilitation counselling courses, you will gain the knowledge you need to help people through addiction.

Today, alcohol and drug dependency have become a significant issue in Australia, and there is a high demand for counsellors. If you want to develop the skills you need to help people break the cycle of dependency, you will learn what you need to know in rehab courses.

  1. What Are the Entry Requirements?

When you sign up for rehabilitation courses, there aren’t any formal entry requirements. You only need to complete an assessment in Language, Literacy, and Numeracy to show that you are suited for these courses from an academic standpoint. You will need to have a laptop and Internet so that you can complete your courses.

  1. Potential Careers

There are quite a few career choices when you pursue rehab courses. The Australian Government has pledged funding for more programs to help people recover from alcohol and drug addiction, and the number of open positions will grow over the next few years. Today, there are close to 50,000 people who already work in this sector.

There are a range of careers that you can get, including the following:

  • Social Worker
  • Alcohol and Drugs Advisor
  • Support Worker
  • Mental Health Worker
  • Welfare Coordinator
  • Dual Diagnosis Practitioner
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation Worker
  • Refugee Liaison Officer
  • Mental Health Worker

Rehab courses prepare you for a range of rewarding careers where you can help people with addiction.

  1. You Can Get an RPL Assessment Done

If you already have skills and experiences in the industry, you can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning. The RPL assessment is conducted for each unit of competency, and you can show that your skills are up to date along with the industry standards. You can use both direct and indirect evidence to show this.

You can show your skills through an interview or observation in your workplace. You can also submit a portfolio or work and include any qualifications from your past. You can be tested and have experience authenticated by a supervisor or employer. In addition, you can show indirect evidence, such as a report of your achievements or a performance review that outlines your strengths.

  1. You Can Get Real Life Work Experience Placements

One advantage of taking rehab courses with Hader Clinic is that you can get real life work experience placements in their rehab facilities around the world. In fact, they are Australia's only institute that has international rehab facilities. While you are there, you can gain experience working with clients who are experiencing addictions to Ice, heroin, prescription medications, and alcohol addictions.

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