Pensioner Education Supplement

Pensioner Education Supplement


A message to all prospective learners who are registered with Centrelink and are experiencing financial hardship and want to enrol in a course to improve their employment prospects. A new pension is available to prospective students who need financial assistance to help fund part of your studies.

The Pensioner Education Supplement provides up to $62.40 per fortnight to be paid to students studying accredited courses here in Australia. That is nearly up to half your course tuition fees* funded through these payments.

Traditionally, repayments to study with Hader Institute of Education work out to be $134 per fortnight. If you claim this supplement that amount could be reduced down to $71.60 per fortnight.

Up to $2440 from the Centerlink to contribute to your studies.

How to claim

  1. You will need to demonstrate that you are enrolled with Hader Institute of Education.
  2. Provide a proof enrollment letter to Centrelink, from Hader Institute of Education
  3. Get approved by Centrelink  if you are eligible.
  4. Utilise the supplement to assist paying for your course.

Below is a link to determine your eligibility. If you are eligible, Hader Institute of Education on 03 8362 3113 to enrol today.

*Based on enrolling into a course for $4995 with Hader Institute of Education and receiving $2440 from the Pensioner Education Supplement.

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