Why Hader Institute’s Drugs and Alcohol Course Is Essential for Students

Why Hader Institute’s Drugs and Alcohol Course Is Essential for Students


Students who want to embark on a career helping others who are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction will benefit greatly from taking this course. This course from the Hader Institute will prepare them for a rewarding career where they can provide interventions and services to people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. From helping with detoxification to providing support, there are different opportunities once you complete this course.

Who Is Eligible to Take This Course?

There are certain basic requirements for anyone who wants to take this course. They must be 18 years old, and should have the equivalent of an Australian senior high school year 12, having a completed AQF Certificate IV level qualification is also necessary.

In addition, having basic literacy, language, and numeracy skills is important. Students need to be able to read and understand the concepts in the course, and they will learn how to take notes, create reports, read reports, and more. In addition, they will need to pass an LLN assessment test at a 3 or higher in reading, writing, and numeracy.

The course is offered online, so the student needs the skills to navigate software and use Word at an Intermediate level. This is the program most commonly used for presenting reports. The student needs to have a computer and access to the Internet to complete this course.

Students also complete 120 hours of work placement in a health facility, which ensures that they are prepared for their careers. When students fill out an application, all of this will be confirmed.

One of the benefits of taking the Hader Institute’s Drugs and Alcohol course is that it fully prepares you for a rewarding career.

The Course Offers Plenty of Support

One of the great things about this course is that students get all the support they need. The delivery is blended, with online Zoom classes led by trainers. The class lasts three hours, and it is usually in the evening. They also have a monthly one-hour session with their trainers, and this is one-on-one. Finally, students are expected to engage in self-paced study for 15 hours a week. Everything they need is found on the online portal.

In addition, students have comprehensive support. The trainers have a great deal of experience and expertise in everything the course offers, and students have access to them. They also offer guidance on career choices, as well as administration support. This course does meet the requirements for these careers because it is an approved course of education.

The Course Prepares You for Several Careers

There are several career choices that you can embark on after taking this course, including the following:

● Detoxification worker

● Community support worker

● Case worker

● Alcohol and drugs worker

There Are a Number of Courses That Prepare You for This Career

Students who want to achieve the Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs need to take a number of courses that prepare them for their careers. They will learn how to assess the needs of clients, how to provide interventions, how to develop treatments, and more.

In addition, they will learn how to work with others, how to communicate effectively, and how to work ethically. The courses are comprehensive and thoroughly prepare students for a career helping people with mental health issues arising from drug and alcohol dependency. When they complete the course of study, they will be well prepared for their career.

Final Words

The Hader Institute’s Drugs and Alcohol course is essential for students because it prepares them for careers helping people overcome addiction and other issues with drugs and alcohol. They offer convenience and plenty of support so that students can successfully get through the course.

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