Adila Bucan

Adila Bucan

Childhood Education

A seasoned Training and Development Specialist with over 14 years experience


Adila Bucan

As a seasoned Training and Development Specialist, Adila has been self-employed in the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) sector for an impressive duration spanning from June 2010 to January 2024—accumulating 13 years and 8 months of hands-on experience.

Adila's expertise encompasses a diverse skill set, including proficiency in Early Childhood Education, IELTS (International English Language Testing System), Teaching English as a Second Language, as well as proficiency in MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) and Training Assessment. This amalgamation of skills reflects my commitment to excellence in educational practices and assessment methodologies, showcasing my versatility in fostering growth and development in both early childhood education and language training domains.

With a fervent background in early childhood education, Adlia has cultivated a profound understanding of nurturing young minds. Her dedication revolves around empowering both children and educators, striving to establish a solid foundation of excellence in early childhood education.

Educational Background:

  • DIploma of International TESOL- TESOL Australia- 2022
  • Certificate in IELTS - TESOL Australia 2022
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment- HBA Learning- 2018
  • Diploma of Children's Services - National Institute of Early Childhood Education- 2009

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