Karyn Maree

Karyn Maree

Youth Work

Karyn has a real passion for working with disadvantaged young people


Karyn Maree

Karyn has over a decade of experience in the community services sector, including training and assessment roles across a variety of settings, such as RTOs, not for profit, TAFE institutes and specialist education organisations.

Karyn has delivered a number of different qualifications, as well as having many years of experience in other roles including: careers counsellor, peer mentor, student case management and advocacy, family health education courses, and vetis coordination.

Karyn has a real passion for working with young people, especially those disadvantaged and with multiple barriers to education, and has many years of experience delivering cal and vetis courses to at risk young people, as well as young parents classes. Karyn believes the success to being a great teacher, is to continue to also being a great learner, and is continuing to study herself in the areas she is most passionate.‍

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