Karyn Maree

Karyn Maree

Youth Work

Karyn has a real passion for working with disadvantaged young people


Karyn Maree

With a prolific career spanning over a decade in the community services sector, Karyn stands as a beacon of knowledge and guidance in various educational and supportive roles. Her expertise resonates within diverse platforms including Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), philanthropic institutions, TAFE institutes, and specialist educational entities where her efforts have consistently fostered growth and enlightenment.

Throughout her tenure, Karyn has masterfully navigated numerous roles, embodying versatility and dedication. As a seasoned careers counsellor and peer mentor, she has been a pillar of support and guidance to many. Karyn's foray into student case management and advocacy further showcases her holistic approach to education, extending her nurturing touch to family health education courses and VETiS coordination.

Karyn's fervent passion lies in nurturing the growth and development of young individuals, particularly those who face hurdles in accessing quality education. She has championed the cause by delivering VCAL and VETiS courses specifically tailored for at-risk youth and young parents, fostering an environment where they can thrive despite the challenges they face.

At the core of her teaching philosophy lies the belief that the journey of learning is perpetual. Karyn ardently upholds the conviction that the key to being an exceptional educator is rooted in continuous personal growth and learning. Reflecting this belief, she remains a fervent student herself, continually seeking knowledge and insights in the areas she is profoundly passionate about.

In Karyn's hands, the future of many young individuals has been and continues to be reshaped, steering them towards brighter and prosperous futures. As she embarks on further enriching her reservoir of knowledge, her role as a trainer promises to be a journey of mutual growth and endless possibilities, where every class is a step towards a better future for all involved.

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