Mark Tonzing

Mark Tonzing


I have trained skilled workers for over 10 years


Mark Tonzing

Mark loves helping people in the Community Services sector. For almost ten years, he has been teaching people how to excel in this area, always focusing on making education fair for everyone.

At first, Mark worked in the business accounting area, where he did really well. At the same time, he also used the help offered by the Community Services sector. Going through different life experiences, he realised he wanted to help others in the community. This led him to become a teacher and trainer, helping prepare new workers to support their communities.

Mark knows a lot about different problems people face, including issues with education, mental health, and substance use. He has helped many students, from all sorts of backgrounds, learn about Youth, Mental Health, AOD, Disability, and Community Services. He teaches them what they need to know to make a real change in society.

Mark is good at understanding the different ways students learn and makes sure to teach in ways that help everyone understand and learn better. He is excited to help you grow in your learning journey, ready to make a positive mark in your community. Come join Mark, learn new things, and become someone who can really help others in the community. Together, we will learn and grow, becoming professionals who make a difference.

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