Mark Tonzing

Mark Tonzing


I have trained skilled workers for over 10 years


Mark Tonzing

I see the Community Services VET Sector as the heart and soul of today’s society and providing support to those who need guidance is a joy and privilege.  

I have been fortunate to train skilled workers in the sector for nearly 10 years and am a strong advocate of equality in education.  

My initial tertiary education is in the field of Corporate Accounting which I was able to prosper in whilst being a client of the Community Services sector. Whilst working through my own life experiences I developed a passion in providing support to other members of society which lead me to becoming a trainer and assessor for future skilled workers. I have a strong focus on supporting young people through the rigours of life, including education, mental health and poor coping behaviours like AOD and justice issues.

I have been fortunate to train in several qualifications including Youth, Mental Health, AOD, Disability and Community Services to a wide range of students.

I am aware of the many different learning styles of individual students and strongly believe in the importance of passing knowledge and skills of the sector through an array of teaching methods. I look forward to seeing you in the learning sessions and to inspire you to be the best worker you can be.

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